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A place to talk about games doesn't matter if it's pc or console. We also host tournaments for certain games, if you don't see the game you want to competitively play message an admin.


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    Welcome to Higher Tier Gaming


    Chief Tanner

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    Welcome to Higher Tier Gaming

    Post by Chief Tanner on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:10 am

    We are a new type of gaming forum , we offer tournaments moderated by trusted staff members. Higher Tier gaming is mostly known on Smite for the Xbox and Runescape on the PC but we would like to change that and have Higher Tier Gaming everywhere. We are currently in the process of making an eSports team for Smite on the xbox!

    If we are in another clan and just wish to show off your skills in our tournaments we would love to have you! Being in this forum does not mean you're commiting to be apart of Higher Tier we accept all gaming clans here! Very Happy

    Some of the rules that if broken will give you an immediate ban:
    1.No sexual nor pornographic content(edited)

    2. No hateful or abusive content

    3. No defamatory content nor affecting the integrity of a person(edited)

    4. No sale or exchange of medicating that requires a perscription from a doctor

    5. No copyright infringement

    6. No hacking or spamming

    7. No advertising phishing or malware websites

    8. No credit card fraud

    9. Must be 18 years or older to enter tournaments or have parents permission

    Enjoy the tournaments and giveaways that we hold but most of all have fun and game on!

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