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    Apply to be a member of a group


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    Apply to be a member of a group

    Post by Chief Tanner on Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:33 am

    You are not assigned rank by the amount of time or posts you have on this forum although there are some requirements to be in certain groups.

    1. Member - You want to be a part of higher tier and compete in competitions, and are active in the forums. You must be at least a member to compete in any tournaments or competitions higher tier has.

    2. Loyalty member - Same thing as a normal member with a couple special permissions and the ability to post in certain forum topics. You must donate 5$ to be apart of this group

    3. Officer - You help keep the community in line, almost all the same benefits as a loyalty member but there is officer only tournaments with free entry. To apply to this position you need 1,000 posts! Better get to postin!!!

    4. Moderator - Has the power to host tournaments, disqualify cheaters, and ban players they feel are not following the rules.

    These are the four types of groups you can be in. To apply to be in one have the requirments and go to the Usergroup tab all applicants will be looked at by the admins and we will decided based on multiple different factors if you are ready to become a part of a group in the Higher Tier community.

    Thanks for reading and happy gaming!!

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